3arabi, ‘3arbi (Arab, Westerner) by Salem Al Qassimi

I was lucky to come across Salem Al Qassimi’s work and I am a fan! I love how he takes something as complex as the arabic language  and simplifies it through his art and videos.  I love typography and will be sharing with you more of his work.  Salem is also one of the speakers at Nuqat 2012.

I love how this simple video shows you how a simple change in an arabic letter; as small as a dot, can completely change the meaning of a word.

The Arabic alphabet is filled with diacritical marks. The removal or addition of any mark to a word may change its entire meaning and pronunciation. Adding a dot on the first letter of the word Arab will change its meaning to Westerner. The diacritical dot replaces the first letter with another letter, therefore changing its meaning.

This is Salem in transition, read right to left, from a 3arabi (Arab) to a ’3arabi (Westerner) by simply adding a dot.

3arabi, ‘3arbi (Arab, Westerner) from Salem Al-Qassimi on Vimeo.

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