Mara Mostafa is from mixed heritage (arab/english) and considers herself to be super lucky to be so.  A mum of 3 kids, living an eclectic life in full colour. An equation of husband+kids+cats+feeding her creative soul+family+blog+shopping +vintage passions= makes for quite a busy life in full speed. Mara is a lifestyle blogger who has a passion for fashion (specifically modest fashion), beauty, health, motherhood and so much more.   This blog is my space to express it all and share it with my readers. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Have a question ? or just want to drop me a line.. I love getting mail- you can email me at





  1. Hi there,

    How do I contact you?
    Can you contact me?


  2. hello its nice to meet you. I am also a ‘momprenuer’. I am new to blogging. good luck in all that you do.

  3. salam! I’m a girl from Sweden and my name is Asma. I am very interested about your blog and I read a lot. it’s so beautiful. can you tell us a little more about you. what you do. and what you are working with ……

  4. hey how can i contact you?

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