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Zukreat Nazar, is a celebrity makeup artist with 16 years of experience in the industry. The launch of her new makeup line called Artist of Makeup, which can only be purchased online, has been a great success. I love seeing successful women, especially when they’re a hijabi sister. Her goal was to establish a product range that is affordable and allows every user to become a professional.  This summer I decided to purchase some of the items from her product line and test it out for myself.  I got a bit carried away and ended up getting quite a bit and taking advantage of the free shipping.  

The makeup line is affordably priced:

Blushers cost £10.50

Eyeshadows £6.50

Contour sticks £18

Foundations £15

(more products on the site)

I ended up purchasing a 6 blush holder palette (£18) to put my 6 blusher colours in (more like I bought all the colours to pop in the fancy palette).  Each blusher has a magnetic bottom so it pops in and out of the palette smoothly, easy to replace and check blusher name.

Now let’s get down to the important part.  Does it match up to what the reviews claim?

I am super impressed with her line! Hats off to Zukreat for putting together such an awesome makeup brand.  It truly shows from the quality of the product that whoever had even a slight input in the creation of the makeup, knows makeup very well.  The colours are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! The contour sticks are the best thing since sliced bread!! Seriously.. I bought all 3 and use them all daily! What on earth was I dping  before contour sticks.  I have been on the hunt for a decent contour brand for a while now and am so happy I came across AOM.  Did I mention the blushers and foundations are all HD!

The only umph I can think of is not being able to test the product and the colours out like you would at a makeup stand.  I have to say though she has a great foundation matching chart which allows you to almost certainly get the right shade. I took a chance as I haven’t bought MAC in a while so wasn’t sure, yet still managed to get it right.

So … should  you give AOM a go?? Heck ya!! They ship worldwide, offer free shipping for items above £100 and truly have a high quality affordable professional makeup line.

Zukreat.. well done!!

To check out Zukreat’s website click here.

To pop right over to Artist of Makeup click here.








  1. Really nice review, I agree with everything. I had tried the AOM range myself and I have to say it is better than MAC, Naked and other brands and so much more affordable. The contour sticks are divine and superbly created! I actually like that they are online, it makes a getting their makeup through the post even more exciting 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked them too. I agree, I was squealing when I got my package ripping it apart. I just like to test makeup out too. That may be a good thing otherwise I would have bought more lol

  2. How much do they charge in duty fees. And how long did.shipping take for u.

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