Bahrain: Join the Positive Birth Movement


It has been a while since I did a post on Pregnancy, birth and Mama-hood and what better way to kick start again than by informing mums to be about a movement I truly am passionate about.  A lot of the times when women get pregnant, it’s just tick tock tick tock till it’s time to push.  Not many take the time to educate themselves about pregnancy, birth, birthing techniques, doulas, cesarians, pain reliefs and so on.. they just listen to the Dr and take everything face value.  

There’s so much to know and learn from the time you get pregnant to the moment you hold your baby in your arms and months after that.  I always say, if you decided to run a marathon or compete in a triathalon you wouldnt just wait for the day to compete.  You would train your butt off to make sure you were ready in every way.  You would consume yourself with literature, food, exercise and so on to be your best for that give point to compete and win.  It’s the same with pregnancy and birth, you need to empower yourself with all the tools to help you prepare for that given point and beyond.  All those tools will help you ride the wave of labour and actually ‘enjoy’ the experience! Yes .. I said ‘enjoy’ birth, because it is possible without all the painkillers and drugs you can have a beautiful, connecting, positive birth.  We need to start looking at birth as a natural process our bodies are created to do and not look at it as a clinical, hospitalised situation where we need to be strapped to drugs and equipment (this implies to healthy pregnancies with zero complications).

Please join us for the first Positive Birth Group get together on Wednesday, October 30th at 4 pm at Bright Beginnings to share your birth experience, hear other women’s birth experiences, explore positive birth and what it means to you and support other women in the journey of motherhood.  I hope to see you there.

You can check out the facebook page by clicking here.