Bahrain: New Menu Launch at Zoe -Adliya

image_15 Firstly I would like to say, my pictures don’t do the food justice.  The lighting is really dim at the restaurant but I tried my best to capture images of our order and the exquisite food we devoured.  I was invited along with friends to come and try the new menu at Zoe.  It was a fun night of catching up and yummy food; and thats what it should always be about.  We all ordered different stuff form the menu to keep it the choices varied.  The food was so good that night and definitely worth a second (and more) visit.

Adliya block 338 has become such  a great place to hang out, walk, soak in the arts and just a great atmosphere day or night.

image_2 complimentary from the chefimage_3  Mushroom Soupimage_5 Prawn Ravioli with Truffle Sauceimage_6 Goats Cheese with Almondimage_7 Prawn Ribbonimage_9 Argentianian ~Chicken Chimichurri- Chicken breast with taliatelle pasta in a coreander pesto sauceimage_10 Black Cod a la Meumier

image_11 Wild Mushroom Risottoimage_15 Icecream Dome cake


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