Celebrity Home Births

Here’s a post on supporting home birth! I have just had my 3rd baby (mashallah) a couple of months ago and all three were born at the hospital.  However my dream is to one day have a home birth! It is something I have always wanted but just not catered for in the middle east.  If I do get pregnant again (inshallah) hopefully then it’ll be possible or I may have to have the baby abroad.   Enjoy the video below of all the different celebrities who have had home births some as long as ten years ago!! This is not a new phenomena, yet an ancient practice.


video thanks to mamanatural


  1. You would need the correct support before going into it because currently the region does not have any midwives who specialize in this unfortunatly.

  2. Yes I agree, a few years ago no one heard of a doula when i was on the look for one and now there are available! (search doula on my log to know what one is) so hopefully things will change. Unless I just get myself a midwife (british trained since they are probably experienced with homebirths) and a doula and who can actually stop you? hmmm …. lol

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