Dare to Step inside Hotel Skovgaard Room 77..

Camilla Skovgaard introduced her new collection to the press and public at a gallery in NYC.  She did this without models, shoes or pictures, she did it with her very first fashion film Hotel Skovgaard Room 77 directed by Ali F Mostafa.  Camilla Skovgaard’s shoes are not your typical shoes.  With a cult like following her shoes are fierce, powerful, ruthless and will take no mercy.  That is exactly what you can expect from her film.  It is not for the faint hearted just like her designs and will leave you feeling a little uneasy.  It’s either them or the innocent girl who walks through. It takes you to a very dark place and dares you to be drawn in.  It’s everything Camilla Skovgaard alludes; goth, fantasy, dark, eccentric, and phantasm. Everyone is possessed and almost blood thirsty like zombies and vampires and the movie zaps you  and grips you till the end.  “The film shows that there is beauty through darkness”,“style-wise we worked with Camilla’s brand, which is anti-superficial. Her style is so… avant garde. We tried to go through that route.” says Ali to Bullet Magazine.  Celeb followers like Kristen Stewart, Gwenyth Paltrow, Charlize Theron am sure will be mesmerized by this fashion film which has captivated NY fashion followers.