Do you REALLY know what goes into your cosmetics?

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your cosmetics? The lipstick you unconsciously apply.. the eye pencils and eyeshadows on your eyes…  It’s not something a lot of people even think twice about.  We just go about our days applying and re-applying creams, makeup, perfumes, cleansers, moisturisers etc and the list goes on and on ..

Anything we apply on our skin immediately goes into our blood stream within seconds so it really is important to know what IS in the stuff we put on ourselves regularly.

Click here to check out this awesome website that has a database with just under 70,000 products for you to check their toxicity and safety levels.  Start making smarter choices and don’t believe all the garbage advertisers try and sell you.  There are amazing alternatives out there that give you the same results; essential oils, mineral makeup, stuff in your pantry, grocery store, natural products and a whole lot more.

Click here to read more on the video above, The story of Stuff.

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