I try to be as “green” as I can.  I recycle my paper, plastic and cans.  I take my own reusable grocery bags to the supermarket.  I must post a pic of my little cotton bags that I made to put the veg and fruits in :).  If I am out and about shopping and forgot my bags I would then just pile all my shopping into one bag that the shop provided.

At home we have almost completely cut out all cleaning (chemical) products and literally use basic home made recipes for cleaning.  

(will be posting the my eco home cleaning tips in another blog)


These are a few simple things to remember which make a huge difference. 

1. When you walk out of the room switch the lights off, no need to leave them on when no one is using the room.  

2. While brushing your teeth don’t keep the water running.

3. Use cotton napkins at the dinner table instead of paper or tissue boxes.


Now if you’re looking for a green alternative to plastic and paper bags that are functional and look great! 


Here is a website I came across that provide just that!


It consists of four bags that come in a great carrier to store them in! No more bulky shopping bags.. These are durable, lightweight and compact when tucked away!


These are definitely on my shopping list




*images from getmyeco



  1. i've been to Hong Kong recently and i was impressed by how all locals get their own reusable bags to the supermarket. The supermarkets don't provide any plastic bags for free, we have to pay for them. I really wish that supermarkets start doing the same here.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think the only way to stop using plastic is for supermarkets to start charging for them.

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