Eid Gift Ideas: Adorable Hijabi Plush Doll


Ramadan is around the corner, and if you’re a follower/reader you will know that I like to go all out for Eid! We do the whole shabang! I have personalised eid sacks from @babym_products on instagram that I fill with presents for each of my kids and husband.  We decorate the house with lights, balloons and lots of music (nasheeds).  Our Eid mornings alhamduliallah are full of energy and excitement.  I’ve been doing a bit of research for some special gifts to add to their sacks that are relevant to their faith.  I have come across quite a few stuff that I am super excited to share with you all. This post is about the Hijabi Plush doll!

Dzaltastic offers Islamic inspired handmades goods that she has sewn using pretty fabric for little kids.  I came across her account on instagram and immediately saved it to make my eid purchases.  Her hijabi plush dolls are just adorable. She also makes upside down dolls, where one end is hijabi and you turn it inside out and you have the doll without hijab.  She even has adorable muslims super heroe plush dolls for girls and boys. I just love her plush quranic pouhes, that I will be getting for myself.  May Allah reward this sister for providing our kids with much needed toys that they can relate to.

If you know of other Islamic inspired kids brands out there, please comment below so that we can all benefit it.

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