Eid Gift Ideas: Life of My Heart Artwork


I have been following Marryam’s work for almost a year now and I love everything she does! Her art truly captures my heart, especially its a combination of my love for calligraphy/lettering and faith combined.  The beautiful brush strokes, is dreamy, calming, soothing and the verses and quotes she combines is like a warm blanket making you feel safe.  Marryam is a photographer  who is based in Australia and finds inspiration in the verses of the Quran.  She wanted to find a way to use the beautiful wisdom and lessons of the Quran in a way where even a non Arabic reader can be inspired by and and find solace.  If I could meet Marryam right now, I would be giving her the tightest hug ever!! People like her make me feel so happy and I want to be around their energy.  Her search for something to help give her positivity in her own life, lead her to start Life of My Heart. Her products would make the perfect gift all year round, but with Eid around the corner, it would be extra special and meaningful!

“My lettering specifically focuses on Quranic verses, spiritual quotes and duas in the artwork which double as a visual remembrance of Allah (swt) but also a way to be making constant dua and dhikr :)”

– Marryam

“…make the Quran the life of my heart” – prayer by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)”

You see more of Maryam;s work and shop by clicking here

You can also find her products at Haute Hijab.