Eid & Ramadan Gift Ideas: Creative Motivations


Hey everyone, peace and blessings to you all.. I’ve literally just come across another site that I just couldn’t wait to share with you all!

Creative Motivations designs and creates beautiful and effective Islamic educational and inspirational products to motivate you and your family in the faith! Stuff like this gets me super excited and should be encouraged and supported as much as possible! There’s quite a lot of great material and products on this site.  I have picked a few of my favorites that I will use during Ramadan and  some I will use as eid gifts.  As soon as I finish this post, I will be making my purchases.  If you own a school or know someone who does, homeschool, Islamic kids camps etc please share this website with them, as they will find it extremely useful.  Bless this family who are doing their part for our Umma.

Thanks to Creative Motivation, They’ve give all my readers a discount code to use on their purchases, valid until 29/5/15.

Just type “ThanksMara” in the coupon section at check out and will you will receive a 10% off discount off your entire order!!

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  1. Masha’Allah! How sweet, thanks so much for your support and encouragement, sis! Jazakhallahu Khairan! The work we do truly is a labor of love, al hamdulillah, and it always warms our hearts to see folks get excited about what we do. 🙂

    As our way of saying thank you to you and your followers for taking the time to check us out, we’d like to offer you a special discount code just for your readers, insha’Allah. We can activate it now in our Etsy Shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/creativemotivations and Web Store , http://www.creative-motivations.com/store …and your readers will be able to use it until Friday, 5/29/15, insha’Allah. If you’d like you can update your post withreat the code for your readers, insha’Allah.

    It will be: “ThanksMara” and will provide a 10% off discount off their entire order!

    (Side note: the Teen Duaas Card Set will be up in both shops shortly insha’Allah). Let us know if you have any questions and thank you again, sis!

    Fi Amanillah <3


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