Herra Hair Perfume Review


I have spoken about this product before within other blogposts but because I Iove it and it’s fragrance so much I have decided to dedicate a blog post just to Herra and its awesomeness.

I have come across many other hair perfume products before and mostly they were just that- hair perfumes! When I discovered Herra it was hair perfume on a whole other level.

Firstly, it’s scent! .. I have to admit that my initial reason for buying the perfume was for it’s luxurious delicious scent.  The scent actually whisked me back to a memory of my wedding preparation days and honeymoon.  I remember being madly in love with a perfume by Escada at the time which is now discontinued that I went through loads of bottles of.  Ever since the discontinuation of my favorite perfume, I have been on the hunt for a similar scent and that initial whiff of Herra had me hooked, whether it was good for my hair or not I wanted it as a perfume.

The best part is that Herra is amazing for the hair. It is a protective spray that shields your hair from UV, pollution, air con and smoke.  Herra Protect Hair Perfume is a premium hair treatment that adds nourishment and protection giving weightlessness to the hair, maximizing the moisture without weighing it down or being too greasy.  No need for spritzing regular perfume into your hair that will just cause your hair to be dry and brittle, now you can have great smelling hair a spritz away whilst protecting it too.

There’s nothing worse than going out to a dinner party or cooking dinner and having your hair soak up all the smell of the food after just having it washed.  The packaging of Herra is designed with the woman in mind, hence its slim bottle shape.  It is the ideal perfume size to pop into your bag and spritz into your hair whenever needed.

I am definitely a Herra girl.. are you?

For more information about Herra click here.



  1. Hi Mara.. I have been on a hunt for Escada as well and I have found a version at Ajmal Perfumes which is in a concentrated oil form. Just thought I should let you know.

    • thank you!! do you know what it’s called at ajmal?? would love to check it out.

      • Don’t really remember.. I was there trying the oud and then I asked him what French perfumes they have in oil form and one of them just struck me and then I realized it was Escada

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