Homemade tips & tricks for healthy skin!


Need a little me time? Yes, even with kids banging on the bathroom door and yelling through the locks.. light a candle, pop on some music and give yourself 8 mins tops, (depending how long you leave the mask on for) you deserve it.  Here are two  super easy and super effective home made beauty tips.

If you have dry/combination skin the avo and honey face mask will nourish you skin and leave it smooth and soft.  For oily/combination skin: the lemon, orange and baking soda scrub will soak up the oils on your skin, remove dead skin and help rejuvenate new skin growth underneath.  For those with sensitive skin, you need to be careful as the citrus in the lemon and orange may cause irritation, so try it on a patch somewhere before applying it to your face.

What are some of your home made beauty tips and tricks? please share in the comment box below.


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  1. Hi Mara!

    I was looking for some new home-made face masks and came across this. I’m going to try it! cheers! 🙂
    Here’s the one I usually use- and it’s worked for me.


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