Just Say NO to GMO!! Music video

GMO (genetically modified) simplified… JUST SAY NO!! start reading labels and be careful of the frozen food corn, peas, etc that you buy. Educate yourself and know your brands.  Stop looking for what’s on offer or price reduced.. your health will cost you later.  Be smart and start using the mantra .. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!


  1. I absolutely love this video! We abolished GMO foods from our household, and regularly donate to the Organic Consumers Association and the Institute for Responsible Technology. I also call the governor and senators office regularly to make my opinions known. I request to speak to the manager of local grocery stores, and explain that I will only purchase Non-GMO foods, and I explain why. I call the offices of large food corporations and explain why I can no longer purchase their products.
    You would be surprised what consumer opinion will do. Vote with your dollars. I suggest every one get involved with this issue! Together we CAN make a difference!

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