Keep Kids Safe- I.D Tattoos For Your Kids


I came across this online via Dubai Confidential and thought to give it a shot!   I am always on the look out for ID tags of all sorts for my kids whenever we go on holiday.  There is always that fear what if they get lost in a busy mall, amusement park etc. .. You may think your older child will know what to do, but when you’re on holiday we all then have new mobile phone no.s of the country were in and we can’t expect kids to memorize a handful of no.s every time we travel.  So ever since my now 10 year old was a toddler to this day.. I make him and my other 2 kids always wear ID tags.  I have use so many different types form bracelets, velcro straps etc .. It gives me that little piece of mind knowing that they have contact info on them incase of any scenario.  

All kids are into tattoos and these Safety Tats are great coz they don’t fall off and last up to 5 days even though it says 2 weeks.  Five days is good enough for me.  It comes with a pack of 18 tattoos and a tattoo pen and with some great safety tips.  I definitley recommend this product!

Do you use ID tags/bracets on your kids? What do you recommend? Would love to know any tried tested ones out there. Please comment below

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