London: Down to Earth (Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw food Cafe/Market)


Down to Earth is a cafe/market on High Street Kensington, London that sells organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food.  I am always on the look out for great bites to eat out in London that cater to food requirements.  Walking into Down to Earth you are greeted with a welcoming menu and colorful food behind the glass.  I was not that hungry but my stomach wouldn’t listen and my eyes were taking over.  I couldn’t decide between the Shepherd’s pie or the Raw Lasagne, so I had both! (face palm).  I am so glad I did because I am the type that would lay in bed late at night wondering what it may have tasted like and I got it out of my system.  

The shepherds pie was delicious, warm comfort food at its best.  The raw lasagne was amaaaaazing!!!! I wanted to order another one but I knew I would be risking big awkward looks from just about everyone.  I love the lasagne so much that before flying back I went on my own with the baby in the stroller just to have lunch there.  Sadly, they were out of the lasagne (violins playing in the background) which then gave me an opportunity to try out other raw dishes.  Down to Earth is going to be one of my frequent stops as I usually spend a lot of time in Kensington.

Want to more about Down to Earth on thier menu, how they source their food etc.. click here.


IMG_2566 IMG_2559Green juice of goodness IMG_2561 The Raw LasagneIMG_2563 Shepherd’s pie