LONDON: Hijab Fashion Week (22-27 OCT 2013)


For all those in London or heading there, you’re not going to want to miss this! Here is a fashion platform that finally represents US!  Hijab Fashion Week is celebrating the concept of the veil in an ever increasing fashion conscious world. Packed with catwalk shows, creative arts related events, inspirational workshops from high profile speakers, this is set to be an exciting week dedicated every year to promote strong influential women who wear the veil and deserve recognition in mainstream media.

Hijab Fashion Week’s aim is to:

1-Promote women who wear the hijab in mainstream media

2- Present better awareness of the hijab in order to dispel common misconceptions in wider society

3.-Provide an official platform for modest fashion designers, bloggers and enthusiasts who want hijab fashion to be widely available and easily accessible.

There is a new dawn in fashion and the wheel is turning, it is so exciting to see modest fashion getting the recognition it deserves.  More is always the way to go.

Bring it on ..

For more info:

Visit HFW Facebook page by clicking here.

To purchase tickets visit HFW official site by clicking here



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