Looking for a Car Seat Cover to Protect Your Baby?

I was in search of a car seat cover to use when I take my baby with me to the park, beach, outings etc .. Being out and about little babies are sensitive to the sun (some exposure is obviously good) and especially all the dust and bugs flying around.  So what would keep my baby in a nice shade and keep the flies away?? The Babba Cover ofcourse! If you are by the pool with your other kids you can happily know that your baby is safely shaded, spf +5o fabric protected and fly free buzzing free.  The Babba Cover is simple, functional and has a window with a flap for easy access and front view of your baby and with the mesh net on the sides your baby still has sight of whats happening around him.  The covers are also available in seasonal fabrics.

You can purchase Babba Covers and search their range here or search on amazon.

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