Lunch Date at Nino’s Riffa, Bahrain

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So after being M.I.A (been super crazy busy with life, kids and lessons) for a while on here, I’ve decided to get my bloggi’n groove on by starting off with a foodie post!

My makeup/beauty blogger friend Najla and I went on a lunch date to explore Nino’s new location in Riffa as well as their menu. It was a well over due catch up session as well as an eat all you can food fest. We seriously went crazy with ordering everything off of the menu. I don’t eat meat/chicken and Najla doesn’t eat prawns but we ordered everything. She ate the chicken and meat stuff and I ate the vegetarian and seafood stuff..(well she did too, but you get my drift). The manager was a lovely fella who spent a lot of time guiding us through the menu and giving us a brief background on Nino. He explained to us how they have a selected team of specialized chefs who’s job is to conjure up different new and tasty recipes. Thinking of all the food we ate is making me hungry. I’m usually a stay at home and eat my organic home cooked meals kinda gal, but on this day we ate on the wild side and enjoyed every minute of it!

Below are images of our food..

Disclaimer: serious craving for Nino’s may arise.

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