Lush Cosmetics Campaign- I am NOT a pet #WildMeansWild


Lush, a passionate activist against animal cruelty, has launched a social awareness campaign, ‘I am NOT a pet’, with the aim of educating and engaging with communities throughout the region on the dangers of keeping exotic animals as pets.

There is an alarming emergence of wild animals being kept as pets within the Middle East, and the trade around them is booming. The dangerous trend of keeping animals such as tigers, lions, monkeys and other wild species as pets is not only putting family homes at risk but also endangering the lives of the animals as well as the wider species.

Recognising the threats to the animals, environment and families, the campaign’s aim is to decrease demand for wild animals through educating on the dangers and cruelties behind the trend and engaging with children both in-store and online through social media channels.

Pop into your nearest Lush and check out the  “I am NOT a pet’ campaign that will run from 22 April 2014 to 7 May 2014 and will consist of a variety of in-store promotions and educational projects. A great learning opportunity for the kids too.



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