Must Have Kit When You’re Pregnant!

If you follow my blog you would know by now how I am a huge FAN of homeopathy! This kit was recommended to me by a friend. I just wish I knew about it sooner since it’s great to have right from the start of your pregnancy to help with all sorts of symptoms.  The kit contains remedies for pregnancy, pre labor, during labor and post labor.  I used this kit in my last trimester since I only receieved it then and used it for different symptoms such as nerve pain, feeling despair, contractions, for stitches, for healing, swelling  and a whole lot more! I don’t know what I would have done without it. I really recommend everyone to get this whether you are having a natural birth or cesarian, because I truly feel it helps with post labor healing! The remedies are in 200c potencies and are not exclusive to just childbirth but have been put together as a kit for it.  Therefore these remedies can be used for other treatment and symptoms too.

If you are interested in homeopathy, I blogged a while a go about a great kit that comes with a book to help you treat different symptoms and illnesses.  Click here to read more on that and here is another post on homeopathy and your kids.

You can purchase this kit here.