Exciting Times for Fashion House Dar Naseem Al Andalos


Dar Naseem Al Andalos is a premier designer brand established in Bahrain in 2010. The designers, Hayaa AlFadhel and Nabila Al Aissaoui, are a mother-daughter designing duo who specialize in combining Moroccan and khaleeji heritage inspiration creating stunning couture, luxurious caftans and evening gowns. The designers embraced traditional handwork and apply it on modern designs. Their unique approach in designing and attention to details has gained the brand a respected name in the Arab fashion industry and have caught the attention of many arab celebrities and royals.  Dar Naseem Al Andalos’ first show outside of the Middle East was during a private fashion show in Harrods, London.

Dar Naseem Al Andalos will be launching their Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014 collection in a one of a kind event, The J Autumn Fashion Show, (Paris, France) taking place on 31st October 2014. Alongside some of the most innovative collections of various designers from all over the world, in a unique location. This would be the first-ever Fashion Show to transform the most famous architectural wonder and the symbol of the fashion capital, the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France), into a runway up above the city.  I am looking forward to seeing the the images of the show and all the designers.

Below are a few images of their recent collection that was launched in Doha

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