The Summer Camp My Kids Adored



Even though it’s summer and the kids have a holiday, I still believe they should be doing things to keep themselves active and their minds curious.  We try and incorporate a lot of activities at home and outings for them to enjoy but I’ve decided to search for a fun camp for my younger two ( 6 and a half and 2 and a half) to give them a good mixture and variety of play and to help not get their routine out of whack with the holidays and late Ramadan nights.  Now my youngest is starting pre-k in Sept so I also wanted him to experience a school like atmosphere that’s fun that will help him transition into school in Sept. After searching around, I received an email about a summer camp at Bright Beginnings (Day Care & Child Developmental Center) which is right near where I live.   

I decided to take my younger two kids and check it out.  Bright beginnings has recently moved to a beautiful bright and spacious location in Manama just off Adliya.  My kids were immediately drawn to the place and my youngest who has never had a school like experience felt right at home.  I spent the day there watching the kids, teachers and activities that went on and felt rest assured that this was going to be a great decision to put them there.  There is a high ratio of teachers to kids which left me feeling confident that I can drop the kids off without supervision as I knew that would be well taken care of.  This is exactly what I was looking for and a great way to introduce school to my youngest.  The club’s focus is on social emotional learning and mindfulness.  Group games, projects, experiments, crafts, drama, field trips and story time lead these kids into experiences that require them to tap into that Social Emotional Learning not to forget the super fun splash the day they look so forward to.  This technique of learning helps the kids to have tools to help them deal with situations that may arise in their life.   Learning through play is super important and I got to see the kids experience that first hand.

The summer camp has clubs for different age groups starting from 3months to 12 years of age; so literally something for everyone.  You can even choose a morning camp or an afternoon camp, depending on the time that suits you.  For the working mums out there who are looking for a daycare that provides an interactive environment for your little one with qualified and experienced stuff, this is the place. Bright beginnings have camps throughout the year (spring and winter camps) so perfect for all holiday seasons.

Bright Beginnings Tel: +973 17710405







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