Summer Tips to Protect Your Hair By The Pool

Summer is here with a big hard hot slap across the face!  It didn’t gradually come round … it’s hitting us hard and early. That’s all good ’cause summer = pools and that’s the fun part!  However spending time in the pool does mean we have to do something to protect our hair from chlorine and it’s drying effects.  Here are a few really simple ways you can protect your hair which is a lot easier than you may  think.

  • Saturate your hair with bottled water before getting into the pool.  This will keep the chlorine from absorbing into your hair follicles so, when preparing your beach/pool bag don’t forget that bottled water!
  • Applying leave-in conditioner before you hit the pool is also a great tip. Your hair will soak in the conditioner giving you a deep conditioner treatment while you’re splashing around.
  • Finally applying unrefined shea butter to your hair protects your hair from salt and chlorine not to mention it’s a great natural mild sunscreen!! For more on shea butter click here.

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