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If you’re looking for some great summer modest pieces for Ramadan and holidays, Abaya Addict has you covered! Abaya Addict by my dear friend Dr Deanna Khalil, is one of modest fashion’s go to websites where there’s something for all tastes and sizes.  This growing brand mashallah started only just a few years ago and has created quite the Abaya Addict craze, let alone laid the path for other modest brands.  The designs are all about wearablity, functionality, preserving modesty and being stylish at the same time. 

Here are some images of AA’s pieces which I love! I cannot wait to receive my pencil skirts (slitless!!) and versatility tops.   I don’t remember the last I wore pencil skirts (well I do, it was centuries ago.. ) but am so glad Abaya Addict has brought them back with some awesome colors!

To check out Abaya Addict click here.

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  1. This surely does make me an Abaya addict! 🙂

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