The Perfect Healthy Snack Made with love in Bahrain

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to introduce to you Neshat’s Dried Fruit! I bet you’re thinking how can I put ‘excited’ and ‘dried fruit’ in one sentence, but believe me this is no blah- ordinary dried fruit… this coming from someone who never even enjoyed dried fruits.  I met Neshat at a bazaar where we both had stalls selling our stuff.   She was my neighbor and we got chatting while she kept giving me dried fruit and I got snacking!! The beauty of Neshat’s is that she is a Bahraini home business owner and is very passionate and dedicated when it comes to her dried fruit.  Her fruits are all natural, no preservatives, no sugar and no additives.  What you get is the fruit which is full of flavor !! Ohhh my .. just thinking of the oranges is making my mouth water.. Neshat takes orders and delivers too, so if you’re looking for a healthy snacking option .. GIVE HER A RING and place your order now!!