The Super Powerful Fat Fighting Oolong Tea

I came across Oolong tea a.k.a Wulong tea a few years ago and LOVE IT!! A few people have asked what is so great about it, I am not one to retain important information in my head, so I thought best to answer that question through a blog post where you all can read about it!

Oolong tea is between a black and green tea with a sweet taste. Tastes and looks almost like regular black tea however what makes it so special is it’s fat burning capabilities. Oolong tea burns 157% (250% depending on which research you read) more fat than green tea!! whichever % you look at it’s still a HUGE figure!!! I have never been a green tea fan but with a figure like that I don’t have to force myself to drink green tea anymore. This explains why Oolong tea is a favorite amongst celebrities; Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray. A tea that can accelerate weight loss and be super good for you too. Wish it did something for my memory as I am sure the next person that asks me about Oolong tea I will just go blank.

* Drinking 2 cups of Oolong tea a day boosts your metablosim and helps block the fattening effects of carbs and fats
* Helps treat Type 2 diabetes
*Promotes strong healthy teeth
* Helps clear the skin and give a healthy glow
* Slows down the aging process
* Strengthens the immune system

You can buy Oolong tea at most health shops- I personally get mine from the Live well shop at Al Jazira supermarket Mahooz Bahrain

*stay tuned for a review on the amazing designer fine tea Tchaba coming soon


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