Toujouri A/W14 Collection embraces Palestinian traditional cross stitching


Toujouri AW:14 Look 13

Creative Director of Toujouri, Lama El-Moatassem, embraces the sophisticated craftsmanship of Palestinian cross stitching and the use of customary motifs, historically used as a form of communicating a woman’s social status and religious origins – allowing the embroidery to tell a story with the intricate details.   

Her A/W14 collection ranging from day to evening wear pieces are brought together with the delicately embroidered jumpsuits and the carefully adorned dresses and use of precious pieces. The separate tops and flowing skirts are adorned with intricate embellishment and cage embroidery on an eclectic mix of relaxed, free-falling silhouettes and softly tailored shapes and cuts, to perfectly combine Middle Eastern romance with a sense of adventure and modernity. 

Toujouri AW:14 Look 5

Toujouri AW:14 Look 12 jpg

Toujouri AW:14 Look 11

Toujouri AW:14 Look 10

Toujouri AW:14 Look 6

Toujouri AW:14 Look 3

Toujouri AW:14 Look 4

Toujouri AW:14 Look 7

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  1. OMG, I’m a HUGE fan of traditional Palestinian embroidery, and absolutely love Toujouri’s translation of the craft to modern fashion 🙂

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