What are you eyeing from the Isabel Marant X H&M collection?


 It’s going to be an early start and a long wait on the 14th of Nov queuing for the launch of H&M’s newest collaboration; but it will be so worth it!  Going to these launches it’s always important to have an idea before hand what the collection will look like so you can start narrowing down what it is you must have and what is on your maybe list.  This way once the doors open you know exactly what it is you’re looking for.  After going to a few of these it is so funny to actually just watch the craziness going on; but that only lasts a split second since making sure you get your wish list is at stake and time is tickety tock.  Try and go with a friend, examine each other’s lists; and make a run for it when doors open.  This way your chances double to get the stuff you want and you help each other out.   I have seen some ladies come with their house help and have print outs with sizes written on, to make it easier for them and for her to get her hands on her items.  I must admit that was quite amusing to see but I guess everyone has their own tactics and plan of action.  Have you been to any of the H&M collaborations? I would love to hear your experiences and how you prepare for these launches.