Whimsical Lebanese Designer Dina Khalife

dina khalife 

The beauty of events like Market 338 in Bahrain is meeting talent like Dina Khalife.  Luxury Lebanese textile and accessory designer, Dina Khalifé, debuted her whimsical collection for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain this month.

The latest collection by Dina Khalifé, titled “80 days of sunshine” includes colourful scarf designs, tops and dresses, featuring intricate hand drawn illustrations and playful images on quality fabrics, as well as quirky jewelry portraying a variety of themes and dreamlike sequences inspired by her natural surroundings.

Dina Khalifé products are stocked at various locations across the Gulf, including Kuwait and Dubai. They are also available in Lebanon and online on www.dia-boutique.com and www.dinakhalife.com

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  1. it’s beautiful mashaa Allah ! i love it that she designs her own textile , very fun ,unique an feminine . good luck to her .
    and congrats on you new website , it’s perfect !

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